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Policies & Terms of Service

Limitations on Assurances:

A’s Driver Ed School is dedicated to equipping both new and experienced drivers with good driving habits and enhanced safety protocols. It is fundamentally understood that, despite our comprehensive training, the outcomes on the road are unpredictable. We strive to enhance your defensive driving techniques; however, the responsibility remains on the individual driver to exercise their judgment and make safe legal driving protocols. We emphasize that:

  • Successful completion of our courses does not ensure immunity from road incidents.

  • Passing your driving examination is not guaranteed, irrespective of instructor evaluations.

  • The fluidity of traffic scenarios means not all driving strategies can be covered or retained in every session.

Emphasis on Safety and Accountability:

Safety is important at A’s Driver Ed School LLC. Our training vehicles are fitted with advanced controls and specialized mirrors for instructors. All our instructors are credentialed by the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles. However, given the nature of on-road training:

  • Absolute safety cannot be assured.

  • While our instructors will provide guidance and corrective feedback, the responsibility to drive safely lies primarily with the student. During any of the services we offer (driving lessons, assessments, coaching or other) the student will be given directions to perform various driving maneuvers while operating a vehicle. It is your responsibility as the licensed or permitted driver to make responsible, safe, and legal driving decisions while maintaining control of the vehicle.

  • Instructors will always strive to prevent potential mishaps, but prevention is not always feasible. Driving demands real-time assessment and adaptation, which students are expected to demonstrate.

Financial Transactions & Reimbursement Policies:

For the A's Driver Ed Course:

  • Withdrawal prior to course commencement requires written notification, with refund requests made 24 hours before the initial class (Parent Meeting) there will be a 10% administrative charge from the full amount of the course.

  • Post course commencement, refunds are not available. Incomplete course status will be noted, with any outstanding fees not covered by ODOT payable by the student. The additional fee will be $210. 

For All Other Services:

  • Prepayment for sessions remains valid for the designated student without expiration.

  • If service expectations are not met or if a student chooses to cease instruction, we kindly ask for a written notice within 90 days of initial payment. We will then initiate a refund process for unused services after deducting any associated costs. Refunds are processed based on the rate per session.

  • Kindly allow us some time for service verification, fee reconciliation, and refund issuance.

  • Post the 90-day mark, refunds are not available. However, within 180 days, unused amounts can be transitioned to another eligible student upon request, incurring a 10% (from the purchase service) transfer charge and potential additional fees.

Zero Tolerance Policy:

At A’s Driver Ed School LLC, our priority is the safety and comprehensive learning experience of our clients. We have a strict policy against any actions or behaviors that might be perceived as harmful, disrespectful, or jeopardizing safety. This encompasses actions that hint at alcohol consumption or drug use. If our instructors feel a student is not in the best state to drive, due to exhaustion or distractions, the lesson may be postponed. Please be aware that such decisions come with a rescheduling fee of $50.

Coming Unprepared or No Show:

Consistency and preparation are key components of the learning process. If a student fails to show up for a scheduled lesson or arrives unprepared. Being "unprepared" encompasses a range of issues - from not having the necessary learner’s permit or license, inappropriate attire or footwear, failure to wear prescribed eyewear, noticeable fatigue, or any form of impairment. Kindly note, a fee of $50 will be charged. 

Rescheduling Appointments:

We understand that sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, rescheduling might be necessary. We highly encourage our students to communicate such changes in advance to facilitate smooth scheduling. However, any changes made within a 24-hour window prior to the lesson will incur a $50 fee.

Cancelation Policy:

While canceling an appointment is an option available to students, we hope it is used as a last resort. If cancelations become necessary, doing so with sufficient notice helps us manage our schedule better. Cancelations made less than 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time will result in a $50 fee.

Service Denial/Refusal Rights:

Should there be any circumstances where we cannot meet the needs or preferences of a client/student, we reserve the right to decline or withhold our services. This includes instances where a specific instructor or instructional style is requested but unavailable. Additionally, we retain the right to deny personalized sessions (commonly referred to as private lessons) if we discern a potential for discomfort or risk for either the client/student or the instructor.

Discretionary Policies:

Engaging with a new instructor may initially feel unfamiliar. We recognize the initial apprehension, as we routinely work with diverse clientele. The following policies are in place to ensure a safe environment and safeguard the interests of both the client and the instructor.

Observer Requirement Rights:

Based on an instructor's or supervisor's request, we may reject a client's application for private lessons and require the presence of an observer. In such situations, we might determine that another client/student acts as the observer. However, clients have the option to present their chosen observer if the observer completes the essential documentation and comprehends the associated risks. We acknowledge that this might pose scheduling complications and express gratitude for your understanding.

Addressing Concerns:

Your satisfaction and safety are important to us. If at any point you feel that the service you received did not meet your expectations, or if you have concerns or feedback, please approach us. Open communication allows us to continuously improve and serve you better. If a problem emerges, we encourage you to contact our management team either by calling the office to (541)704-0569 or sending a text to (541)704-7312 or (541)704-7342. Alternatively, you can email us at: AsDriverEdSchool@GMAIL.COM

Policy Acknowledgment & Amendments:

Upon acquiring our services, clients are affirming their agreement with A’s Driver Ed School LLC. These policies are amendable.

I hereby acknowledge and accept the policies and terms of service. I comprehend that associated costs might be subtracted from pre-made payments for services. By agreeing to private lessons or other services, I confirm that my permit/license is valid and grants me the authority to operate a motor vehicle within the State of Oregon.

Grievance Procedure

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the services you receive from A’s Driver Ed School LLC, we encourage you to first notify us of your concerns. Our client’s safety and education are our number one priority, and we appreciate the opportunity to satisfy any issues that may arise. If an issue does arise, please contact our management team by calling 541-704-0569 or texting us at 541-704-7312 OR 541-704-7342. You may also email us at: ASDRIVEREDSCHOOL@GMAIL.COM.

Whether or not we are able to resolve the issue you always maintain the right to contact the Oregon DMV directly. You may contact the Oregon DMV, Driver Programs unit by phone, in person, by mail or online. The DMV, Driver Programs contact information is as follows:


In Person or By Mail:

Oregon DMV Driver Programs
1905 Lana Ave NE
Salem, OR  97314

By Phone:




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